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3rd ESO Science Enrichment
3rd ESO students Caterina B. and Claudia H. have successfully completed a battery of mini-science projects. The two scientists have demonstrated...Read More
Conseguidos 20.000€ para ayudar a construir el SJD Pediatric Center de Sant Joan de Déu
Apreciados colaboradores, Una vez finalizado el gran evento del Family Day de Oak House School, queremos trasmitir la gran noticia, que un año...Read More
Projecte reciclem l'escola - 2004
Seguint en la línia de satisfer les inquietuds dels nostres alumnes de, aquest any s'ha posat en marxa el projecte: RECICLEM A L'ESCOLA. Els alumnes...Read More

Why choose Oak House School?

  • Quality and rigor +

    Quality and rigor The quality of teaching and the individual attention given to each pupil are the factors which define Oak House. We strive to attain both academic and teaching excellence through the continuous improvement of both our staff and the available teaching materials. Another fundamental aim is for pupils to develop their social and emotional skills to the highest possible level. All aspects of education and learning are studied in depth, which allows each and every pupil to reach their full potential. Read More
  • Languages and Qualifications +

    Languages and Qualifications Children receive an entirely British education at Oak House Primary School. We follow the National Curriculum and classes are taught in English by teachers who are native-speakers of the language. In Year 2 pupils start learning Spanish, followed by Catalan in Year 3. In Secondary pupils take up either French or German as an additional language.Our pupils take the Cambridge First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency examinations in English as part of their studies. Oak House is a member of NABSS (National Association of British Schools of Spain).    Read More
  • Personalised teaching +

    Personalised teaching Oak House School is committed to the individual monitoring of each pupil. Regular direct contact with the parents is maintained by an excellent team of tutors as well as the Psychopedagogy Department. Pupils with academic difficulties, learning disabilities or those who are academically-gifted receive specialized individual attention. Read More
  • IGCSE +

    IGCSE Cambridge IGCSE is the world's most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds and is part of the Cambridge Secondary 2 examination suite. Oak House pupils take their IGCSE exams in 4th ESO, which prepare them for admission to British and US universities. Read More
  • New technologies +

    New technologies Oak House School encourages the use of new technologies from Nursery One onwards. IPads are introduced in Early Years so that pupils are introduced to educational applications specifically designed for their age group. We also have ICT classrooms as well as mobile ICT suites and all Primary, Secondary and Bachillerato. Classrooms are equipped with projectors and multi-media equipment. Read More
  • Sport +

    Sport Sport is one of the fundamental pillars of the school. Our extensive range of sports facilities allows Oak House pupils’ academic studies to be complemented by a broad range of sports. Both the 5-a-side and 11-a-side football teams as well as the basketball team compete with notable success in the Barcelona 'Consell de l’esport' School League. Read More
  • Green School +

    Green School We aim to be a sustainable and ecological school and design work plans relating to the environment. These plans are then incorporated into both the teaching syllabus and the management of the school. Read More
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